My eyes won’t stop burning

My mind has been decimated

And my sockets wearily absorb the pain


The visual landscape shimmers

Most marvel at the oddity

I grow nauseous . . .


Pull the curtains down,

I hate the light




                                                Calm . . .


I feel the storm approach and I tremble

Thunder, lightning; visual shocks and mental tremors

My brain is ravaged by the intense distortions

My face contorts, gravity throws all its weight upon me

Limbs take shelter in numbness

I am thrust into the ocean, wave after wave

I am tossed around like an outmatched rowboat

Nausea, I exhale . . . a light . . . a pause

My skull is dashed against the rocks

The pain possesses me and I cannot die

As my soul cries out and my body lies on the bed shivering

Unsure what else to do

My mind greedily awaits a troubled slumber

But for now there is too much pain to sleep

So I moan and tremble

For I cannot die


                                    ~August 31st 2006