I’ve seen a lot of those “These come from Trees” stickers on paper towel dispensers in bathrooms with the subheading “this sticker will save 100lbs of paper a year”, and I find that it often leaves me feeling torn should I just grab one and leave my hands half wet or should I grab two and feel guilty for it? This dilemma got me thinking . . . I should start putting the stickers on toilet paper dispensers. Imagine, you’re sitting down, just finishing your business, and turn to grab your toilet paper only to be confronted with “These come from Trees” again with the subheading “this sticker will save 100lbs of paper a year.” Damn! You think to yourself. The fact is that you are what some might call a “high roller” when it comes to doing your business, and the thought of playing with limits quite frankly scares the hell out of you. To top it off this practical joke has a built in self-preserving device: unlike most stickers I can ensure that the majority of these stickers will not be torn off, because tearing one off will make you feel guilty, because you just wasted 100lbs of paper! So these cruel stickers remain, leaving you with the choice of green and potentially gross or tree-hating and clean. Cheers!

These Come From Trees Sticker