Life as we come across it is no longer enough. Wherever it is we find ourselves we are constantly looking for a way to escape the boredom- those empty spaces that seem to always come with each present moment. We rarely know what we’re running from; all we know is that we can’t stand still. When did life stop being enough? When did we make this world run faster than we can bear to live? We are stimulated to the point of illness, yet run to more stimuli every chance we get as if it were our only cure. How is it that we are to go about healing from this modern illness of the soul? Coming down from this “upper” we have come to know as our everyday existence is a process that uncovers our deepest angst- that dreadful middle between the nothingness of everything and the fullness of the serene nothing. “The eternal silence of these infinite spaces fills me with dread.” Let us then live dreadfully, otherwise there is no life to live at all.