You may reach a point in this life when the world seems to have closed in on you. Everything may begin to feel small, menial, pointless, and depressing. It is important to remember that it is not the world around us that has grown small, but rather our inner world that has shrunk.

Sometimes I feel this constriction so strongly that it feels as if something is gripping my heart and suffocating me. Sleep is hard to come by and harder still to shake off. What I am beginning to realize is that there is something in all of us that needs to emerge- and usually that something requires a great amount of effort and risk. But if we choose to ignore and deaden this inner calling our lives will never truly be lived.

Never forget to kindle your sense of wonder, of awe- this world we live in is vast, and it is by giving ourselves over to it, by partaking of creation that the torpor of our souls may be lifted and our spirits may take flight as they did so easily when we were children.

There is within us an eternal liturgy longing to be sung. We were created to worship and wonder at the universe that is before us. I can teach you of the importance of attending services, but you will never fully comprehend what I speak of if you approach it from the head. My hope is that the hymns, prayers, chants, movements, incense, candles, and icons of the Divine Liturgy may one day unite to the deepest yearnings of your heart to such an extent that you will not be able to fully be without partaking in them. My priest talks about how trees do what they are meant to do, they grow, and this is freedom, doing what they are created to do. We think of freedom as choice, and often the freedom from one thing or another. But there is a deeper freedom- that which allows us to fully live into who we are meant to be and what we called to do. We are meant to worship, to wonder, to love, to forgive, to repent, and to create- when we do these things with our entire being we are free.