The Holy Fire: Robert Payne
The Secret Pulse of Time: Making sense of life’s scarcest commodity: Stefan Klein
Narcissus and Goldmund: Hermann Hesse
How are we Saved: Bishop Kallistos Ware
Basic Works of Origen: Classics of Western Spirituality Series
The Tao of Physics: Fritjof Capra
1-2-3 Magic: effective dispiline for children 2-12: Thomas w. Phelan
The Art of Racing in the Rain: Garth Stein
An Inner Step Toward God: Father Alexander Men
St. Gregory Palamas and Orthodox Spirituality: John Meyendorff
The Triads: Gregory Palamas
Canoe Camping: Mark Scriver
Existentialism and the Modern Predicament: F.H. Heinemann
Fatherhood: Bill Cosby
Reality Therapy in Action: William Glasser
On Encounter Groups: Carl Rogers
Scripture in Tradition: The Bible and its Interpretation in the Orthodox Church: John Breck